7 Tips to Create a Distinct Brand Aesthetic on Instagram

Instagram has seen unprecedented growth over the last few years, and in 2019 it boasts over 1billion users. It’s no wonder businesses are flocking to it like moths to a flame. There are 250million business profiles on Instagram, with over 200million users visiting at least one of those profiles every day. So, how do you make your business profile stand out from the crowd? Read on to see my 7 tips to create a distinct brand aesthetic on Instagram!

A distinct brand aesthetic, of course! But what does this actually mean? When people talk about Instagram “aesthetic”, they are referring to a cohesive mood, type or general impression of a user’s posts. By ensuring your profile has a seamless aesthetic which is consistent with your core brand values, you can align your brand with your target audience, and therefore build brand awareness.

But building a distinct brand aesthetic is easier said than done, so here’s my top 7 tips to building your brand aesthetic on Instagram:

Have a definitive brand identity

Your aesthetic needs to match your brand identity, so ask yourself these questions – what’s your brand personality? What are your core values and beliefs? When your Instagram feed reflects your brand identity, it creates uniformity, which is incredibly important. Misaligned and random content often creates confusion and disconnect, so make sure each and every content reflects your brand identity. 

Make sure you cater to your target market while still being true to your brand identity

Think of Instagram as a medium of attracting existing and potential future customers, so you need to create content that interests and engages them. So, you must do your research – find out what they love about your brand, products and services and then use that information to curate content to draw them in using your feed.

Always be telling a story

Stories are a powerful tool to draw people in and keep them engaged, so make sure your content is always telling a story. Noone likes to feel like they’re constantly being “sold to” so instead create narratives tied to your brand identity and create an emotional connection with your audience – this works two-fold, one by creating meaning in your content and the other by making more relatable.

Choose a “feel”, theme, colour palette or filter and use it consistently

Having a consistent “feel”, colour palleter, filter or theme in your Instagram posts can give you the consistency required to create your brand aesthetic. This will help tie all your posts together and enhance the look of your feed. 

Post content that reflects your brand’s unique value proposition

Instagram is still a marketing tool, so make sure to show off your products or service at work – but make sure you’re getting creative. Use candid shots or “behind the scenes” look, even flatlays that show off your product in new and interesting ways can go a long way in generating interest. 

Plan, plan, plan

When creating a distinct brand aesthetic, you cannot post “on-the-fly”. Each piece of content must be well thought out and match the overall brand aesthetic. Which means you need to be organized and plan ahead – whether it’s chronologically, or around content. 

Branded hashtags

Hashtags are like a supercharger on Instagram, they help you reach new audiences – but a branded hashtag is even more powerful for businesses. Branded hashtags are unique to a company, product or event that is used to help promote whatever it represents.

There you have it, my 7 tips to create a distinct brand aesthetic on Instagram. Hope you’ve been inspired to refresh your brand’s Instagram feed and make it stand out from the crowd.

We’d love to see what you come up with, so please share your IG handle in the comments below. Happy Instagramming! If Instagram branding is still beyond your reach, contact us!

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