Why Every Business Needs a Social Media Content Planner

What do all great stories of business success have in common? They all started with a dream…and a plan to help them get there. So, why so often do we fail to plan when developing our social media content strategies? This post explains why every business needs a social media content planner!

Most businesses now recognize the importance of social media and how it helps build meaningful connections between businesses and their target audiences. But what they’re failing to do is comprehensively plan their social media content. This helps align their business goals and relevant interests of their customer base. 

Often the excuse is that we’re too busy, and yes that’s true for the most part. But when we’re busy without a plan, things inevitably slip through the cracks, and social media is no exception. 

So, here are my top reasons why you and your business should be using social media calendars: 

Calendars help you get organized

Avoid the dreaded scramble of finding something to post when your day goes helter skelter because that’s just the norm for SMBs. With a social media calendar, you can plan your content weeks in advance. This avoids the rushed “filler” content that you posted without thought because you NEEDED to meet your post target for the day. 

Tailor content for each social network

You shouldn’t be spamming all your social platforms with the same message. Instead, you should craft custom content for each network so that you’re being thoughtful and intentional in your posts. 

Track performance and plan for the future

If you don’t have the ability to plan your social calendar, you’re often left publishing content without rhyme or reason. When you can plan and therefore track the performance of your posts, you can adjust your content strategy to ensure you’re getting the best results!

Make sure you don’t miss out on holidays and key events

Having a calendar lets you plan for events and key holidays so you can tailor your content and engage with wider audiences.

If all of that still isn’t enough, I will leave you with this question…if you don’t plan, how do you plan to succeed? 

If you’re ready to get your social media calendar underway, read my post of the best tools to create a social media content planner for your business here.

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