Ad Copy Tips to Improve Conversions

We can all agree that writing ad-copy is a challenging task, especially when you’re trying to generate conversions. It needs to be punchy, attention-grabbing and encourages the reader to take action. Easier said than done though…So, I’ve summarised below the top tips to improve your ad-copy to drive conversions:

Use the “So That” Statement

The most common mistake most businesses make when writing ad copy is that they list the features of the products, rather than the benefits. A feature is simply what the product or service is, but a benefit explains how and why it can add value to the user. Which do you think is more engaging to a reader – “Custom workout plan” vs. “Custom workout plan to meet your health and fitness goals”. Remember, customers no longer buy a product or service for the what, they buy for the why. 

Ask “Yes” Questions to get those Conversions

It’s no secret that the most powerful way to engage people with your content is to polarize people, and no, we’re not encouraging you to be obnoxiously controversial. Simply put, polarizing people allows you to draw in your ideal customers and send those outside of your target market away. The easiest, and least controversial way to do this is to ask “yes” questions in the first line of your copy – ask questions that only your clients will say yes to. This will help draw the attention of your perfect customer, and then they will continue reading the rest. Think along the lines of “Struggling with generating sales from your Facebook ads?” – anything that will hook the client in by saying yes and then you can present your solution. 

Have a clear Call to Action…and make sure it’s just one!

Don’t be afraid of ending your ad copy with a strong and clear call to action – your target audience knows they’re being marketed to, and if they’ve gotten to the end of your ad copy, you want to make sure you’re giving them a clear call to action! Make it specific, create urgency and ensure that your customers know exactly which action you want them to take.

Get testing, and tell me whether you think these ad-copy tips help you improve your conversions…If you need a little bit more help, get in touch with our team!

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