Jaiss Fashion

Their Wicked Problem

Jaiss Fashion is a  leading manufacturer and exporter of Men’s & Women’s designer clothing. With an almost cult-like following in their local area, Jaiss was looking to branch out its operations. But, achieving success in new markets was tough and Jaiss Fashion’s was bleeding money when it came to advertising, with little to no results. If sales didn’t pick up, their dream of taking their local business national, and then international would just become a pipe dream.

Our Solution

The experts at Pivot Point understood quickly that while Jaiss Fashion’s offerings were top class, they were struggling to connect to their ideal customers. We spent time researching the market and identifying the messages that would help them better connect their offerings to their audience. Campaigns were set up to raise awareness about Jaiss Fashions, with a subtle call to action to visit their website. Then, we set up re-marketing with a stronger call to action, enticing new clients a special offer. We knew, once they purchased from Jaiss Fashion once, they’d be hooked!

Creative & flawless execution with a sense of urgency & focus on results is how I’d describe the Pivot Point team.


The Results

The awareness campaigns increased traffic to the website in droves. But not only that, people were visiting multiple pages, a sign that we were targeting the right audiences. Once we introduced the re-marketing campaigns, the number of inquiries for consultations spiked too. The campaigns were a success. As a result, Jaiss Fashion was able to successfully grow their presence in the wider market.


Increase in website traffic from new locations


New inquiries for consultations per week


New locations with new clients established